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What do clients of The Total Mindset get that other advisors can’t deliver?

In a phrase, TTM clients (executives, teams, and trusted partners) get personal “game-changing” mindsets, inspiring and audacious goals, and courage and conviction to achieve the unexpected.

Static mindsets, especially among Japan teams and country managers, render performance judgements in black and white: I did good/bad, I won/lost, I succeeded/failed, etc.

With a fixed mindset, a Japan country manager will, upon minor set-backs, lose the drive to grow the business and discount stretch opportunities.  

As markets grow more complex, dynamic and uncertain, executives with fixed mindsets will find themselves falling further and further behind. 

On the other hand, Japan teams and country managers with a “total mindset” share the qualities of invincible resourcefulness, creative persistence and authentic pride.

Jay and The Total Mindset address the “inner game” of success: self-wisdom, a willingness to explore unconscious bias and self-limiting beliefs, and courage to set a bold course of advancing action.

This means taming the cognitive dragons of the familiar, mediocre, and socially accepted..  

Country managers with “The Total Mindset” accept that they are complicit, if not the active cause of, office issues and low revenue performance.   

They find joy in continuous upskilling with deliberate practice and active coaching.

They operate with the guiding principle, “There’s always a way. It’s just a matter of our collective imagination and resetting the game board.” 

Interpersonally, country managers with a total mindset plays the golf ball as it lies with creativity and curiosity: no do-overs or nudges. They do not point fingers or use blame as a stick to motivate compliance.

Country managers and teams with a total mindset show up each day with one to three “must accomplish” outcomes and get them done with apparent ease, playfulness and professionalism. No busy hands, busy minds tolerated. 

It’s easy to do when you don’t have Sr. leaders in adjacent offices (mentors)  to lean on for advice and guidance.  

Japan teams can feel isolated and often their mindset can become fixed and they don’t even know it.  

Having a strategic advisor and cognitive coach as part of the Japan team is critical to business velocity and consistent performance.    

Jay Revels

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The Total Mindset

The Total Mindset (TTM) is a growth accelerator for small to midsize digital enterprises based in N. America, Europe and Australia with the strategic goal of starting or growing their Japanese businesses.

TTM partners with the CEO of infotech providers of software or digital services to Japanese business customers.

Unlike traditional advisory firms, TTM provides ready-to-operationalize Nemawashi growth playbooks, co-sources talent and partners, and co-supervises execution and weekly pipeline and operational reviews.

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