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How does The Total Mindset deliver Growth Nemawashi for your Japan operation against a business case?

The principals of The Total Mindset (TTM) start by working backwards from a robust depiction of a customized business case and its fulfillment.

Often we depict this business case as a prospective performance dashboard, summarizing by percentages realized performance of a business unit, product, customer retention, team and role-based KPIs.

Next we move your executive and Japan team through an iterative process, asking “What would it take to realize these KPIs and still go home at night around 19:00?”

The figure below depicts the first 90 days of a TTM engagement. We customize this framework to the particulars of each client.

Strategic Business Context

Your Japan business may play a key role in building a defensible moat around the business of a pre-IPO late-stage startup or unicorn.

TTM works with senior leadership in de-risking a “cold start” or “revitalizing” stagnant growth for international software and infotech service organizations with strategic positions in Japan.

The figure below depicts a framework of Jobs to Be Done by a COO of a high growth-potential startup that TTM adapts and builds out for clients.

As a general rule, COOs orchestrate people, process and infrastructure to execute a strategic plan, a culture  plan and a personal performance plan, which combined, result in an integrated, scalable Operating Plan.

In practice, the Jobs to Be Done by your Japan Country Manager and a COO mirror each other.

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The Total Mindset

The Total Mindset (TTM) is a growth accelerator for small to midsize digital enterprises based in N. America, Europe and Australia with the strategic goal of starting or growing their Japanese businesses.

TTM partners with the CEO of infotech providers of software or digital services to Japanese business customers.

Unlike traditional advisory firms, TTM provides ready-to-operationalize Nemawashi growth playbooks, co-sources talent and partners, and co-supervises execution and weekly pipeline and operational reviews.

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